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About Stylo Coffee

Discover Stylo Coffee, your destination for exceptional Indonesian coffee beans. Based in Temanggung, Central Java, we source and supply the finest raw coffee beans.

With a focus on robusta beans from Temanggung and a selection of arabica beans, our mission is to deliver superior quality and elevate your coffee experience.

We proudly ship our beans worldwide, to traders, caf├ęs and roasters. Experience the richness of Indonesian coffee with Stylo Coffee.

Assortment of coffee bean options

bunch of nuts
bunch of nuts




Arabica Beans: Considered the higher-quality option with a smoother and more nuanced flavor profile. Arabica beans are known for their acidity, sweetness, and floral or fruity notes.

Robusta Beans: Generally more robust and bitter in taste compared to Arabica beans. Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content and are often used in blends or for espresso due to their strong flavor and thicker crema

Civet coffee is unique and flavorful, made from beans that have passed through a civet's digestive system. It's a distinctive choice for adventurous coffee enthusiasts.

Cherry Processing

  1. Washed/Wet Process: Cherries are sorted, pulped to remove the skin, fermented, washed, and then dried. This method produces a clean and bright flavor.

  2. Natural/Dry Process: Ripe cherries are dried with the fruit pulp intact, resulting in a fruity and sweet flavor.

  3. Honey/Pulped Natural Process: After pulping, some or all of the sticky fruit mucilage is left on the beans during drying, creating a range of flavors from floral to syrupy.

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